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Across the Globe: Argyle’s First Multi-Cultural Fair

Student ambassadors share their country's culture through food, music and activities at the Multi-Cultural Day Fair on February 26, 2020 at Argyle High School. (Gracie Hurst / The Talon News)

Gracie Hurst, Junior Reporter

March 4, 2020

Student ambassadors and AP World History teacher Matthew Woody hosted our school's first annual Multi-cultural Fair as a way to celebrate diversity and cultures that have representation in our school. "I had a great experience as this was my first time ever working a booth but I’m very glad I did,...

Freshman Overcomes Eating Disorder

Estelle Brower journals her  experiences as a way of overcoming the past. (Emma Campbell / The Talon News)

Emma Campbell, Junior Reporter

February 3, 2020

In eighth grade, freshman Estelle Brower started struggling with her eating habits. In 2019, she overcame her eating disorder after seeking the help of her parents and professionals. For her, running was not just a way to exercise, but it was a way of staying in control.  “It was natural,” Bro...

Australian Fires Spark Fundraiser

Students can help donate money to the Australian Koala Foundation in order to adopt a koala for one year and help with the environmental crisis in Australia. (Gracie Hurst / The Talon News)

Gracie Hurst, Junior Reporter

January 29, 2020

First, a spark, then a crackle as fire overtakes the Australian landscape, leading to the destruction of millions of animals and the loss of their natural habitats. This is the grim reality that Australians are currently facing, and the effects of these bush fires will have long-term impacts on the eco...

American Dream

Sophomore Kim Karera is from Rwanda and came to the United States to get a better education and work hard in order to make her family proud. (Gracie Hurst / The Talon News)

Gracie Hurst, Junior Reporter

December 4, 2019

It is said that today's teenagers experience the highest stress levels yet in comparison to past generations. Imagine dealing with that stress on top of experiencing homesickness and pressure from a family across the Atlantic Ocean. This is what sophomore Kim Karera faces on a daily basis after she...

School Establishes GSA Club

Argyle's GSA meets on Mondays in AP World History Teacher Matthew Woody's class. (Sarah Crowder / The Talon News)

Sarah Crowder and Trinity Flaten

November 18, 2019

To educate and promote acceptance, two students founded a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) club. The club meets during A-lunch in World History teacher Matthew Woody’s room.  “Well, I realized that although there are many queer students at Argyle,” senior co-founder Shay Tjandramulia said, “Th...

A Voice Above the Crowd

Junior Mattie Kelton is accomplished in music and follows her passion for singing by continuing to audition for The Voice. (Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Kelton)

Gracie Hurst, Junior Reporter

November 7, 2019

She takes a breath. This moment will make or break her audition. She's nervous but exhilarated and ready for greatness. The music starts, and she begins singing. Passion pours out through her soul and into her voice. She has a story to tell, and a captive audience to hear it. Junior Mattie Kelton...

PALs Promote Positivity

PAL students stand outside Group Dynamix after some group bonding on September 25, 2019 in Carrollton, Texas. (Photo Courtesy of Lance Sutton)

Emma Campbell, Junior Reporter

November 6, 2019

To help elementary school students that struggle in school, high school physics teacher Lance Sutton established the Peer Assistance and Leadership (PAL) class four years ago. PALs sends junior and senior students to the elementary school campuses to mentor students who need a positive role model. To...

Labor of Love

The Argyle Marching Band competes at the Sounds of Springtown Marching Competition on Oct. 12, 2019. (Delaney Lechowit | The Talon News)

Ashlynn Roberts, News & Social Media Editor

October 30, 2019

It’s half-time at the football game.  They march out in matching uniforms and shakos, moving in perfect unison across the football field to the rhythm of the drums. The crowd watches in awe as they perform a choreographed show for eight minutes. By the time they are finished, the stands have erup...

16 Students Advance to All-Region Choir, Learn from Past Auditions

A total of 16 out of 23 choir students who auditioned made the All-Region Choir on Oct. 8 (Photo Courtesy: Will Griswold).

Sarah Crowder, Co-Writing Editor

October 22, 2019

Sweaty palms and dry throats can be all too familiar while auditioning. But the chance to perform with the best young singers in the state makes the stage fright worth it. After rehearsing for months and auditioning on Oct. 8, 16 out of 23 choir students made the All-Region Choir, a record for the program...

Human Like You

The Islamic Society of Denton was the first Mosque to be built in the entire state of Texas. (Sarah Crowder/The Talon News)

Billy Mykel, Reporter

September 19, 2019

Denton is a city known for its diversity and social acceptance. Being home to many groups of people and many different lifestyles has created an egalitarian feeling in the heart of the city. Even with this acceptance, oftentimes groups of people become overlooked. While many people tend to forget about the I...

Twinning is Winning

Twin sisters Anusha and Archisha Biswas excel in academics, UIL, and band. (Photo by: Britt Flaten)

Sarah Crowder, Co-Writing Editor

September 4, 2019

Skipping a grade can be a daunting task, especially to face alone, but having your best friend by your side can make it more manageable. After years of being ahead academically, twins Anusha and Archisha Biswas decided to bypass their sophomore year and move up into the junior class.  “Skippi...

How to get a Jump Start on Next Year

Five ways to stop falling behind during summer. (Sarah Crowder / The Talon News)

Sarah Crowder, Co-Writing Editor

July 17, 2019

While summer is typically seen as a time for rest, relaxation, and recuperation, it can also be a great time to prepare for next year. Getting ready for school, even a little at a time, can make your year and the transition from summer to school easy and painless. Here are a few tips to help you get ...

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