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The Argyle eagles varsity tennis team celebrates win over the Peaster Greyhounds on September 13, 2021. (Adam Mihok)

Tennis Team Rises to 2nd in State

Emily Kain, Reporter September 14, 2021

Since the Argyle tennis team was created in 2013, they have never seen the courts at Texas A&M University, aka the state finals for team tennis. But this year may be a different story. After a strong...

Afghanistans location is displayed on a globe. (Grant Parris | Talon News)

Evaluating the Afghani Evacuations

Students reflect on the situation in Afghanistan
Grant Parris, Editor September 4, 2021

On August 30th, 2021, American armed forces ended all military operations in Afghanistan after a conflict in the country that spanned over two decades. This recent turn of events has been long in play,...

Eagles take the game vs Nolan Catholic at Allen High School Stadium on August 29, 2021. ( Nick West | The Talon News )

Eagles Dominate Against Nolan Catholic

Take home first win of the season at the Tom Landry Classic
Sam Mykel, Editor August 29, 2021

After 254 days had passed since the Eagles state championship on December 18 of last year, the Eagles finally were able to get back onto the field and defeat Nolan Catholic in the Tom Landry Classic.  Despite...

Students use of the first amendment is put into question when it comes to social media (Photo Courtesy Staff).

Levy vs. Mahanoy Causes Concern Over the First Amendment

Sam Mykel, Reporter May 12, 2021

Social media has quickly become essential in today’s society. With many easily accessible platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and others, controversies will likely arise. Recently,...

The Academic UIL teams won district on March 24, 2021 at Argyle High School (Photo Courtesy Stacy Short)

UIL Teams Break School Record at District

Laini Ledet and Laney Richardson April 13, 2021

After a strong showing in the District UIL meet, the school had 42 students advance to the Regional UIL Meet on April 16-17.  “UIL Academics encompasses rigorous testing and competition in all areas...

Online students face  challenges different from those at in-person school (Laini Ledet/The Talon News).

Effects of the Pandemic

Laini Ledet and Laney Richardson March 4, 2021

Prior to COVID-19, teenagers were already experiencing amounts of stress due to both their academics and overall personal development. When COVID-19 hit, it affected all teens in both positive and negative...

This is what the workspace of a virtual learner oftentimes looks like (Laney Richardson I The Talon News).

Virtual Learning Versus Face to Face Learning

Laini Ledet and Laney Richardson February 11, 2021

While everyone is experiencing a world turned upside down due to COVID-19, students and teachers are making their best efforts to continue learning remotely and in-person. Although no one was prepared...

Technology and social media have become a large part of school due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  (Laney Richardson I The Talon News)

Social Media’s Effects On Students 

Laini Ledet and Laney Richardson January 29, 2021

Social media has become a substantial factor in most young people’s everyday lives and has not only completely changed the way our world communicates but also how we interact with each other. Although...

The Argyle Eagles narrow down the competition in a wild and harrowing round of senior assassin, photo replicated in Argyle, Texas on January 15, 2021. (Katie Ray | The Talon News)

Senior Game Promotes Unity

To bring the grade together, the senior class began a mass game of “senior assassin,” with 26 teams of three, spanning from October to January.  “It’s all about two different teams going against...

The Argyle band claimed the 4A State Marching Band Championship on Dec. 14, 2020 at the Alamodome in San Antonio, TX (Photo Courtesy of Britt Flaten)

Band Wins State, Avenges Second Place Finish in 2018

Ashlynn Roberts , Director of Productions December 17, 2020

Despite an unexpected year full of hardships, the Argyle Band finished one of its most successful seasons ever and was named the 2020 4A Marching Band State Champions.  “When I found out we won,...

The Aug. 4th explosion in Beirut and the subsequent fires have devastated the beautiful city. (mehdi shojaeian عکاس: مهدی شجاعیان is licensed under CC BY 4.0)

A Beacon To Us

A look into the Lebanese-American relief effort
Billy Mykel, Opinion Editor September 25, 2020

A large storage of ammonium nitrate explosives at the main port in Beirut, Lebanon exploded without warning on Aug. 4, stunning the Lebanese people and the world. “My initial reaction was one of shock...

Colleges across the nation are attacking the corona virus differently. (Nicholas West / The Talon News)

College Life With Covid-19

Sarah Crowder, Director of Web and Digital Content September 21, 2020

As COVID cases continue to rise, colleges across the country are implementing precautions and plans largely through trial and error.  “I kind of got lucky that whenever I got here [the university]...

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