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All State Band Students Perform in San Antonio

Band students Micah Splain, Zach Tait, Karter Hennigan, Trinity Flaten, and Preston Rushford progress to state band. (Photo courtesy of Pam Arrington)

Nicholas West, Junior Reporter

February 11, 2020

After months of preparation, five students have made the All-State band and are going to San Antonio to perform in the clinic and concert on Feb. 12 through Feb. 15.  Congratulations to bass trombone Preston Rushford, clarinet Trinity Flaten, trumpet Karter Hennigan, clarinet Zach Tait, and barit...

Importance of Being Human

Choir students perform at the annual winter concert on December 16, 2019 at Argyle High School in Argyle, Texas. (Alex Daggett / The Talon News)

Gracie Hurst, Junior Reporter

December 17, 2019

All around the school, we see the influence of the arts. We can hear music and singing, and we can see dancing, painting, acting, and drawing. Not only do the arts and humanities include the performing and visual arts, but also literature, social studies, and foreign languages. The arts and humanities are ...

One Act, One Story

The one act play advances to Area after receiving third at Bi-Districts on March 25, 2019 (Photo Cred: Kelly Zindel).

Sarah Crowder, Reporter

April 4, 2019

After hours of research and rehearsal, this year's One Act Play cast received first at the district for their show Blue Stockings and is performing at the area competition on Thursday, April 4. "One act is the greatest thing ever," sophomore Peyton Deffenbaugh, who plays Maeve Sullivan, said. "I love ...

Winter Guard in Full Spin

Senior Lois Robertson performs the spring showcase  in Argyle, Texas. (Kirby Reyes) (Kirby Reyes/The Talon News)

Trinity Flaten, Reporter

January 25, 2019

A flag is tossed into the air. The colorful silk ripples, beautiful patterns fly. Spinning, fluid movements. The winter guard performed their show, “Where the Heart is” on Jan. 19 at their competition, and received second place in their class - showing great promise for the rest of their sea...

Band Secures Second at State

Putting thier hearts into the performance, stundets of the marching band preform at the Area Marching Contest prior to State. (The Talon News / Jaclyn Harris)

Trinity Flaten and Sarah Crowder

November 17, 2018

One, two, three, four, dit, dit, dit. Voices count in tandem as the performance starts and three months of tireless work comes to fruition. After advancing to the State Marching Competition, the band took second place in San Antonio, Texas on Nov. 7, 2018. Emotions were high after results were annou...

Students “Under Pressure”

The marching band warms  up before their halftime  show on Sept. 28, 2018, in Sulphur Springs, TX. (Jordyn Tarrant / The Talon News)

Trinity Flaten, Joe Walsh (Headline Writer), and Mark Mirelez (Headline Writer)

September 17, 2018

As students progress through middle school and high school they tend to join many extracurricular activities like band, theater, and athletics. With students being in multiple activities, they are often pressured to find time for both or to drop one. “My freshman year [I was] in football. [I] definitely [felt pr...

Small Roles Matter

Sophomore Gracen Sieben looks star in her first school musical on Sept. 14, 2018. (Lauren Landrum / The Talon News)

Ashlynn Roberts, Reporter

September 14, 2018

Bright lights, well-crafted choreography, and a large crowd are a few of the many things that will be found in the Argyle theatre department’s production of The Sound of Music. Among the 42 students participating in this fall’s musical is sophomore Gracen Sieben, who will be portraying a nun. Unl...

Band Takes a Stand

Music blaring but unheard, band students play in the new band stands on August 31, 2018. Photo by: Grey Mashrouteh for The Talon News

Trinity Flaten, Reporter

September 5, 2018

Football season has begun and to make room for fans and students, the band and drill team have been moved to smaller stands next to the permanent stands so the school can sell more general admission tickets. The band and drill team are school programs and should not be moved. The band and dril...

New Band Director Continues Legacy

Welcoming the new band director,  students Kian Nawaby and Trinity Flaten smile with Jason Bird  at Argyle High School, on August, 28, 2018. (Katy McBee / The Talon News)

Sarah Crowder, Trinity Flaten, Joe Walsh (Headline Writer), and Mark Mirelez (Headline Writer)

August 27, 2018

The band program is getting new life with the arrival of Jason Bird as head band director. “Mr. Bird has brought in an energy and an enthusiasm that is contagious on every level,” Assistant Band Director Asa Burk said. “With the parents, the students, the staff that he works with. It has energi...

The Talon News V.3. E.4.

The Talon News V.3. E.4.

Lauren Landrum, Carly Haynes, Hannah Wood, Campbell Wilmot, Jake Pool, Claire Burkett, Kiernyn Lund, and Kayla Ralph

August 3, 2018

Color Guard Struggles to Fill Membership Position

Color Guard member Lindsey Kennedy performs in the Argyle Marching Band show 'Vernal Equinox'. (Photo by: Britt Flaten)

Trinity Flaten, Reporter

May 8, 2018

As the year gets closer to times of marching band summer rehearsals, band directors and members are struggling to get color guard numbers up. "Guard is the visual effect of the band. It's the color and beauty that pulls the show together and adds to the impact of the music on the crowd," color guard...

Golden Eagle Award Takes Director to New Heights

Golden Eagle, Asa Burk, directs the Symphonic Band in preparation for the Spring Concert on April 29, 2018 in Argyle, Tx. (Katie Ray / The Talon News)

Sarah Crowder, Reporter

May 3, 2018

Years of clicking metronomes, countless hours of rehearsal, and a passion for teaching have lead Asa Burk to winning the Golden Eagle Teacher of the Year Award.    “I was very surprised, taken aback, and humbled,” Assistant band director Asa Burk said. “It’s a big honor to be selected.” ...

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